Let Man Man’s Honus Honus Take You on a Haunting Drive Through Santa Monica in His New Video

"What is it about nighttime drives through the city that makes for such cinematically eerie shots? Something about the flickering headlights and blurred passing cars that creates an unsettling sense of paranoia. Ryan Gosling used it to his advantage in Drive, as did Tom Hardy in Locke and DeNiro in Taxi Driver.Now, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who you may know from from 10 Cloverfied Laneand as Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, employs it in Honus Honus' new video for "Santa Monica," which sees her cruising around one ominous evening."  more



"Sometimes the simplest films are the most charming. Justin Carlton’s So It Goes certainly fits that description—a delightful musical comedy about being overworked and finding your muse in the form of a stranger passed out in a bush. It’s a hard film to encapsulate solely with a brief synopsis, but, give this one I go: I guarantee that it will put a smile on your face. Through his brief little fantasy, Carlton provides a sweet moralistic lesson: that sometimes inspiration can strike in the most mundane of places. Everyone is potentially just a walk in the park away from his/her next great idea.

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the film is a fable about finding one’s creative spark—about figuring out what to do when you’ve forgotten why you started creating the first place." more


A sad woman sits alone in the park. Then, a complete stranger walks up and makes her day.

Filmmaker Justin Carlton tells the story of Samantha, a struggling singer who can’t find her voice recording a new song.  more


Get a Sneak Peek at Honus Honus's Upcoming Tour Documentary

"Man Man's Honus Honus branched out with a solo record titled Use Your Delusion earlier this fall, spawning singles like "Heavy Jesus" and "Raspberry." Now, the artist is giving us a look into the live incarnation of his music with a glimpse at an upcoming tour documentary called Dead Again.
He took his experimental pop tunes out on the road back in November and has teamed up with directors Justin Carlton and Jamie Wheeler to capture some of that trek on film.
The directors approached Honus Honus mastermind Ryan Kattner about making the film, which Kattner saw as an opportunity to document what it's like for "an 'old road dog' to hit reboot and have to earn a new audience all over again" — a process he ultimately sums up as "Sisyphus with a mustache: a lesson in determination & delusion."  more